Tuesday, April 12, 2016

An Oscar Experience by Leif Sutton-Williams

Leif Sutton-Williams at the Oscars
Going to the Oscars makes you realise that, while Americans may not be well known for fancy food or having old spectacular cathedrals that are centuries old, they sure do know how to throw a flashy party for the rich and famous (excluding me of course, I am neither unfortunately).

In fact, the only way you’re allowed through security is if you ride a limo through to the entrance gates. I’m really not kidding you, no taxis allowed, no bicycles or hover hoards, you have one way in and out, and that’s being seated in a bloody massive limo. Which is super fun, but while my parents are not impoverished, having to hire a limo (which you have to buy for the whole day) is not exactly cheap for my family. My sister and I look forward to our can of baked beans for our inheritance.